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State of Divinity [A Wuxia Community]

For those who love wuxia!

State of Divinity :: A Wuxia Community
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Anybody , Moderated

Welcome to stateofdivinity. This is a community where you can discuss wuxia, or Chinese martial arts literature, in all its incarnations - wuxia novels or their screen adaptations, wuxia characters and authors, or anything else related to wuxia. You're also free to plug sites, fanlistings or communities that are wuxia-related. or post your fanworks. If you want to reminisce over the wuxia TV series boom from late '70s to mid '80s, by all means, share your nostalgia!

Before you join, please read the following rules.

1. Please stay on-topic at all times. Going off at a tangent is all right, as long as the topic is still wuxia-related.

2. No flaming, trolling, bashing, or likewise behaviors. Show respect to other members.

3. You can use any kind of spelling for titles, character names and such (Mandarin, Cantonese, Hokkien, etc.), as long as you make sure that other members understand who and what you are talking about.

4. Post only in legible English. No tYp1ng L1eK thiS.

5. When posting fanworks that might not be work-safe, put them behind lj-cut and give us a warning or a label.

6. Most important of all, have fun!

Jin Yong Heroes